Monday, March 15, 2010

Amadi Is Team Captain 2010-2011

My name is Amadi Kagoma. I was born in 1994 at a place call Buyenzi in Burundi. Buyenzi is a very small slum known widely in Eastern Africa. I was brought up in a very poor family and grow up in a very bad environment. My parent are jobless and we are ten in our family. I have been playing tennis since I was 8 years old. I used to follow other older kids to a local tennis club in Bujumbura, where I would pick balls for rich people, and later I picked up courage and started to play in the back courts, imitating how they played. Then I started to play with these rich members and their children in order to get some money to pay my school fees, buy myself clothes and sometimes, some meals for our family.

From the age of eleven, I developed a critical mind about tennis. I always wanting to know more about tennis but most of all, I really wanted to go a real school. You see, because of the wars, Burundi does not have stable public schools. Through tennis, I came to know that sports can take someone far and can earn someone a living, but that it wasn't enough because the rich people's kids all went to school and got big jobs when they completed their education. I decided to apply to for a scholarship to Malezi school since its in doing well both in sports and academically. I was so happy when Kassie McIlvaine and Liz Odera organised to help me join Malezi school in 2006 because I knew very well that I will improve game and the English language and go to a top school.

I have performed well in tennis where I am number two in Burundi both in juniors and seniors. I have  played three Africa Junior Championships and I have reached two finals in doubles. I have been playing for my school where my strength is doubles, usually partnering with my former 4-year Captain, Joab Odera (who is now playing college tennis in USA), where we have helped keep Malezi as the national Schools Champion. This year was the singles champion at nationals school games in tennis. I am top-ranked in the Tennis Africa Cup Under 18 Boys. Malezi/Sadili has help me a lot in my life, training me how to grow my game, and helping me travel to different parts of the world, including Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, USA, UK and South Africa.
My dream is to perfect to play professional tennis or get a scholarship in America for further studies in order to depend myself in future.