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Boys in Africa traditionally went through a rites of passage, in which they learn to the skills required to take up responsibilities as men. With time, much of these activities have been forgotten or shunned, leaving many valuable lessons unknown, and exposing young men to the learn many life lessons on their own, with limited or no support from the communities they live in.
Yet, the expectation from society remains largely the same: men are expected to take full responsibility of the home. The Ushindi (success) Club program seeks to provide clear and achievable steps to adulthood for young men between 11 and 23 years (upper primary and secondary schools) in the following ways:

Professional and Peer to Peer mentoring
Advocate against violence
Social Integration
Academic Excellence

The Ushindi Club program follows the book “Sports for Life” (https://www.amazon.com/Sports-Life-Dr-Elizabeth-Odera/dp/1514335964), which follows the journey and philosophy drawn from over 20 years of work by Founder Dr. Liz Odera, while working in the Kibera slums.  It is a 2-year program calendar in which boys between 11 and 17 (Std 6 and Form 2) gain entry and are expected to become graduating leaders. The program primary focuses on Boys in school. The project uses sports, primarily athletics, basketball, rugby and tennis.

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