Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ushindi Boys Clubs Enjoy Their First Sports Day at Sadili Oval

The weather was kind to all at Sadili Oval on Saturday 24th June 2017 as 57 Ushindi Boys Club members from St. Catherine and Nazarene Primary Schools eagerly and enthusiastically took part in their Sports Day, the first one of its kind since it (Ushindi Boys Club) was founded. The half-day event started with a short highly educative life skills session where Sadili’s social educators Kevin Ayuko, Brighton Savayi and Hassan Noor facilitated a discussion on ‘Leadership’ and ‘Drug abuse’.

The boys were given important pieces of advice on good leadership skills, and were reminded that anyone can be a leader. “Anyone at any age can be a leader,” said Hassan Noor. “It does not matter how young or old you are, as long as you have been charged with any responsibility, both at school and at home.” This was followed by a brief discussion on drug abuse and its effects on their education.

After the life skills session, the boys moved forward to the most exciting part of the day: sports. They played Rugby, Basketball and Football.

For Rugby and basketball, they divided themselves into 3 teams: Team Lion, Team Sunshine and Team Tibim. The unbeatable Team Tibim outshone the other two teams emerging winners in both games. Team Sunshine was second while Team Lion came third in both games.

For football, the two schools, St. Catherine’s and Nazarene played against each other. The equally competitive teams battled it out and both proved to be too strong to be beaten by the opponent. The game ended in a 1-1 draw.

The games were then followed by a delicious lunch that was enjoyed by everyone.       

“What a great day it has been!” remarked Bravin of Nazarene Primary School. “I am looking forward to more of such events in future, and I hope the next one will come soon”.

Ushindi Boys Clubs Sport Days are organized to bring together Ushindi Clubs from various schools to participate in sports, encourage sportsmanship and acquire important life skills in a collaborative learning atmosphere.

We are proud of the boys for having shown up in such a huge number for their first ever sports day and congratulate the winning team. We all agree however that in as much as the winning may be important, the taking part matters more!