Friday, November 1, 2013

Dennis Lutaaya Believes In Education

My name is Lutaaya John Dennis. I am 16 years old and  was  born  on  the  9th  of  January  1997. I am from Uganda. I was born in Nsambya Hospital. I am from a poor family. I  am a Tennis  player  as  well  as  a  pupil  of  Malezi  School. I train  at  Sadili  Oval. My  parents  work in the Industrial  Area  of  Kampala whenever they can get jobs. My  father  works  as  a  carpenter  and  my  mother is a cook.
I  love  and  treasure  my  education  because  it  will  make  me  who  I  aspire  to  be  someday - a  mechanical  engineer.  I  also  love  Tennis  because  it  helped  me  to  come  to  Sadili, a  place  where  I  can  improve  my  game. This  happened  when, Dr. Liz Odera came to my  club  in  Uganda,  and she  coached  over  20  of  us  free of charge and  chose  two of us  to join Sadili's players.  This happened in  2009 when  I  was  12  years  old. I was really scared that I would not be picked, because I wasn’t the best, but when my name was called out, I became overjoyed because I knew that this was my one big chance in life. When I came to Sadili, my  tennis  wasn't  that  good  but  now, I  have  tremendously  improved  and  this year, Malezi called me to play for the school team for the second year running in the national school games, where my partner Jamin Luvembe and I won the District, County , Regionals and Nationals, and represented Kenya at the East Africa Ball games in Lira, Uganda, where we won the doubles title again. I have also had a great chance to play for Uganda in the 14 and Under Circuit in April, I and I am now number 2 in the Under 16 boys in the Tennis Africa Cup ( I hope to perform even better next year, so that I my scholarship can be extended and I can remain in the Africa Talent Training Academy - SATTA. I have seen many tennis players who behave very badly, and my  dream  is  to  become  a  well  educated  professional  tennis  player!
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