Monday, October 2, 2017

Ushindi Boys Clubs Hold a Successful Sports Day Event

45 Ushindi Boys Club members from St. Catherine and Nazarene Primary Schools on Saturday 30th September 2017 gathered at Sadili Oval grounds for their Sports Day. The half day event was organized and facilitated by Sadili Staff.

The event kicked off at 9:00 am with a short but powerful life skills session on ‘Goals’ by Kevin Ayuko, a Social Educator at Sadili. Kevin gave the boys time to think about, and then express their short and long term goals. It turned out that most of the boys hope to improve in various subjects in class, make more friends and be better in sport in the short term. In the long term, the boys would like to be teachers, engineers, pilots, lawyers, accountants among other prestigious professions. “To achieve these goals, you have no choice but to work hard, be a go-getter and never give up,” Kevin reminded them. This discussion was followed by a short question and answer session where each person was given an opportunity to ask anything they wanted to know about the topic.

The life skills session was followed by a thrilling sport session, a time that everyone had been looking forward to. Led by Coach Eddy Amos, the boys were first divided into 4 teams: Mwamba, Harlequins, KCB and Homeboys. They were grouped in such a way that each team got to play against all the other teams. The first sport was Rugby, where Team Harlequins emerged victors while Mwamba was second. Football, however, was dominated by KCB while Mwamba took second position.

The games were then followed by a delicious lunch that was enjoyed by everyone.       
“It has been a wonderful event!” remarked Brian of St. Catherine Primary School. “I enjoyed the games, liked interacting with boys from Nazarene Primary School and was inspired by the life skills session we had on ‘Goals’.”

“I have always enjoyed playing rugby, and this was a good opportunity for me show off to the others how good I am,” said Maxwell of Nazarene Primary School.

Ushindi Boys Clubs Sport Days are organized to bring together Ushindi Clubs from various schools to participate in sports, encourage sportsmanship and acquire important life skills in a collaborative learning atmosphere.

We are happy that the boys showed up in such a big number for their sports day and congratulate the teams that won. We are looking forward to another one of such events in the near future.