Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sadili Basketball Pips Dankind Academy 40-22

It was an exciting afternoon of competitive basketball at Sadili Oval Sports Academy as the young and talented Sadili Basketball Academy team took on the athletic and experienced Thika Road-based Dankind Academy.

The favorites, Dankind Academy, came out of the huddle with enthusiasm and fire in their eyes, going on a quick 4-0 run at the beginning of the first quarter. With only a portion of their full team the home team, Sadili Basketball Academy, staged a come back with their leader Zack Okong’o taking charge and piloting the team to an 18-18 tied game at the half.

The second half was all Sadili as they settled and went on cruise control at the right altitude. The young players Eddy Amos and James Gok were both on the court for significant minutes, but had to take a seat and allow the veterans to finish the game:

Leading Scorers:
Zack Okong’o           16-points, 3-rebounds and 2-steals
Fred Odhiambo         8-points, 7-rebounds and 3-blocks
John Madol               6-points, 3-steals
Hamza Hersi              6-points, 3 assists

Having coming off the bench John Madol and Hamza Hersi both combined for 12 of the teams 40 points. John Madol played a great defensive game having 3 steals that transitioned into fast-break points on the other end of the court. The Sadili Basketball team travels to Nakuru this Saturday for the Madaraka Day Tournament. Don’t miss the next exciting game at home (Sadili Oval Sports Academy) when they team takes on their next competitor.