Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sadili's Jamin Luvembe Makes A First to Davis Cup From Kibera

Jamin Luvembe becomes the first tennis player from Kibera, Africa's largest slum, to play Davis Cup when he joins the Kenya team in Tunisia on the 1st of July 2012. 
Jamin was called in at the last minute to play trials at Nairobi Club, started out as the underdog, but rallied to win all his group-stage matches, qualifying for the semifinals as a firm candidate, and ending up as the runnerup, and 4th player for the team after Ibrahim Kibet. Other other two positions were not contested for, as KLTA had already selected  Faiz and Ishmael Changawa of Mombasa. Ishmael is currently the best ranked junior and has posted impressive results in ITF tournaments. Jamin, who is a student at Malezi School, started playing tennis at 8 years, when his brother, Francis Isiaho, introduced him to Sadili Oval Sports Academy. His sponsor and coach, Dr. Liz Odera says "this is Jamin's dream starting to come true. He has proved that committment and hard work pays. He still has a lot to do to become the player we hope to see, but this is a great step ib gaining experience, and we are very proud of him". Jamin has been put on standby, as funds are awaited for from the government, according to KLTA, so Kenyans may have to wait a little longer if he doesn't travel. Kenya will be play against some great teams, including Ghana, Nigeria, Tunisia, Benin, Zimbabwe, and Cote d'Ivoire. Kenya has barely managed to stay in Group 3 and it is hoped that, by exposing juniors like Ishmael and Jamin, the experience will pay off in a few years.